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Welcome to the POPOYO DING REPAIR, Nicaragua,

My name is Cristobal, I am from France and I've been living in "Popoyo" Nicaragua since 2005.

My experience in "ding repairs" started in 1997, watching and helping my good friend Phil fixing our surfboards. Then I worked repairing surfboards at my brother's surf shop for a bit. I kept doing it as a hobie in Mexico, always trying to get better and better. 

Before coming to Nicaragua I also did the ding repairs at Maresias Surf Shop in Costa Rica for a year.
Now I run the Popoyo Ding Repair since 2006 and I really love it.

Thanks to all my clients and friends that bring me their boards.

We are located at Playa Guasacate, 200 meters from the wave Popoyo.

I can fix any kind of dings, fin plugs (FCS or future), leash plugs, glassed on fins, delamination, buckled.... and my specialty are broken in half boards.
If possible, I will match the colors on tinted surfboards,or do some spray paint designs for a better finish.

I work with both kinds of resin, polyester and epoxy, I also have experience fixing tuflite, TL2firewire, eps, salomon, xtr, balsa and aviso a couple times...

I have fair prices (epoxy will cost a little more) and I always do my best on each repair.

Your board will not get lost or be used.
Nos vemos!!, See you!!
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Ding Repair

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No crazy waiting !!!

Surfing is also what I love, and I know what it feels to be waiting on your board to be fixed while the waves are good.

Get your board fixed fast and properly (epoxy may take a little longer) and get it on time !!!!
Broken in half surfboards takes me one and a half day.
Check out for surf accesories at "LA TIENDITA"

wax, leashes, sun screen,
tail pad, fins

french, english and  spanish spoken

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